Dave Riley | Forty Under 40 Recipient 2015

Dave RileyDave Riley

“Dave Riley is known for his relentless attention to detail and for driving the development of leading edge technologies at Chromalox.  Most recently, he has been instrumental in bringing medium voltage heating systems to market.  Dave is visionary in his ability to identify new product opportunities and has a work ethic that we can all strive to achieve.” – Jason Judkins

Forty Under 40 Entry Form:

“Dave works for Chromalox in the Ogden Industrial Park near Farr West. He currently works in research and development.

Dave has worked for the past 5 years in researching and developing heating elements that can be used with medium voltage power (4160V). He is the first in the world to receive a third part certification on his design and has applied for a patent on his work (http://www.google.com/patents/US20140263282), Michael is Dave’s legal first name).

This design enables the end user to connect directly to the grid power by eliminating the need for a step down transformer. This now only saves the customer money by not needing and extra piece of equipment, but also saves in energy losses to the environment (this is through amp^2*resistance energy losses). This is what is called disruptive technology to the market place (similar to what a smart phone was to business).

He has continued to push the boundaries and limits of Electrical Engineering and the bounds of thermodynamics. He is so far advanced from anyone else in the world and continues to push ahead.

The following link has some good write ups on the benefits of medium voltage heating (called Direct Connect by Chromalox) https://www.chromalox.com/en/technologies/directconnect.

Less than 18 months ago Dave tragically lost his wife in a car accident during memorial day weekend 2014. He is an incredible Dad caring for his 4 young children, however he has endured these hard ships and continued to press forward both professionally and leading his family.” – Jason Judkins

“I sit in the cubicle next to Dave Riley at our workplace, Chromalox Advanced Thermal Solutions. We are in the Research and Development Engineering department. Dave is one of the most capable and hard-working engineers I have ever worked with. He was given the challenge to design a new type of Medium Voltage heating element that could operate far above the normal voltages that normal industrial heating elements operate at . He was told by some that it could not be accomplished. However, in his typical manner he immersed himself in the project, researching means to accomplish the required project and studying materials and manufacturing processes. The result is Chromalox’s Direct Connect heating elements, a new technology that will transform electric heating worldwide.

I believe that this feat alone is merit for this award. However, Dave accomplished this amid great personal tragedy and loss. On Memorial Day weekend, 2014, Dave, his wife, and three young children were in a roll-over accident, resulting in the passing-away of his greatest friend and companion, his wife. Despite this great tragedy in his life, Dave has persevered and continues to have a winning attitude. His loss was great, and he consistently reminds me not to take my wife for granted, to go home and give her a hug, to take her out, etc. He is a single father now, and has little time at home for himself. However, he still has a positive attitude and continually works hard to accomplish the tasks set in front of him. He is a great example and hero to those around him.” – Broman Sillito

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