Smart Appliances

Why It’s Smart to Connect with Your AppliancesDP3554

(NAPSI)—While you’re away from home or busy around the house, your home appliances, if you’re living in a smart home, remain hard at work.

It may seem like a concept for the future to many, but the connected home is here, allowing you to control your major electrical appliances and services so you can monitor them from just about anywhere.

What A Connected Home Can Do

“Smart” systems and appliances can go about their business, doing things for you without you having to be there.

  • A smart refrigerator could catalog its own contents, suggest menus, recommend healthy alter- natives and order food to be delivered.
  • You can set up your thermostat to turn the heat or air-conditioning on just before you come home.
  • Your connected home can monitor your pets and children while you’re not in the room and “see” who comes to the door.
  • You may be able to check messages, open windows, operate lights and curtains, and monitor a renewable energy system through your smartphone, from work, on vacation or just sitting on your couch at home.
  • A washer and dryer from Whirlpool can integrate with the Nest Learning Thermostat to keep clothes fresh if a cycle ends when you’re not home. The dryer can also switch into a slightly longer, more energy-efficient cycle. A mobile app lets you remotely start and pause cycles, track cycle progress, and receive energy use and a notification when the load is finished.

Smart appliances can help you get things done the fastest, most energy-efficient and easiest way for you.

  • You may also warm to the idea of being able to control your oven from anywhere. The new Jenn-Air Culinary Center automatically sets the oven cycle based on the doneness levels you select.
  • Water softeners can save you money, give you cleaner clothes and dishes, and better-tasting food and drink—but they sometimes need a hand. Low salt levels and bridging and blockage issues can go unnoticed for weeks, damaging the appliance. The new 46,000-Grain Water Softener with Wi-Fi Smart Technology monitors water use, letting you know when it needs more softener salt and sending you alerts if problems are detected.

Basically, this kind of purposeful connectivity anticipates your needs, adjusting to common behaviors and activating meaningful solutions so you can deal with what matters most to you and your family on a schedule you set.