2015 Fall Bridal Gathering – Brides

2015 Fall Bridal Gathering – Brides

A day you have waited for your whole life…                          your engagement! Congratulations!

Now for the BIG DAY!

You will dedicate your time, effort and creativity to this momentous occasion and it will all be worth it! You will be faced with many choices and reaching out to many vendors. Let us help you get started!

Here are some great tips for making Fall Bridal Gathering a success:

Preregister. Admission is free so bring your whole crew! By preregistering for Fall Bridal Gathering you will be entered to win multiple giveaways. Who doesn’t want to win free wedding garb!? Take advantage of the freebies and discounts at a time where you will be spending money everywhere else! Click here.

Set up an email address that is wedding specific. This way you can keep this information separate from your personal or work emails. You will want to save all the emails you receive from vendors so that you have a record of correspondences, receipts, etc. Great tip for wedding related emails with friends and family too!

Print out address labels. Pre-print or pre-type address labels, including your email address so you can enter to win giveaways and request information at your favorite vendors without writing out your personal info at each booth. You will look like a total pro! Vendors love to send out updates and discounts to their mail and email lists!

Bring your swatches. What a great chance to test out your wedding colors! You can show your sample to vendors and find the perfect match without even going to their store. Colors look very different online or on your cell phone, bring a physical sample just in case!

Create a plan of attack. Are you there to browse, book certain vendors, get fresh ideas, get discounts and freebies, understand costs and creating your budget? Know before you go. You won’t need to gather the information from vendors whose services you will not need. If you have a limo arranged already, you should tell the limo providers that you don’t need their literature. It will save your arms throughout the bridal show and cut down on waste.

Bring your groom, mother, maid of honor or a trusted companion! This is such a fun time to share with your friends and loved ones! Not only that, but those closest to you can help narrow your search. They know you better than anyone else! Try briefing them on what you want to see and explore most and what you are hoping to accomplish at this show. Decide together so you get what you set out to. If your groom or other potential companions hate crowds or don’t get excited about wedding planning, consider leaving them at home.

Plan to stay at Fall Bridal Gathering for 1 – 2 hours. You will have the amazing opportunity to speak with wedding vendors face to face; no question is off limits! Have you heard wedding myths or horror stories? Ask the vendors to tell you what you can realistically expect based on your vision. Use their experiences to your advantage and gain their knowledge for yourself!

Arrive Early. This increases your chances of winning early bird and door buster prizes! Cha Ching!

Bring your preferred method of payment. Whether your paying with check or card be sure to bring your funds along in case you find the perfect vendor and want to book the date. Vendors fill up fast, especially at these bridal shows! For major vendors like venues, photographers, caterers and florists, they are fully booked 6 months in advance. Come ready to put down your deposit if you are looking to cross items off your To Do list!

Plan to have fun and learn something new! We will be laughing, singing, dancing, tasting, drinking and learning about everything bridal! We will have onstage demonstrations and games to keep you entertained and engaged… no pun intended! With live music, entertainment, fashion shows, and plenty of free samples all day, everyone will have a great time supporting you and getting ideas for their own special events. And don’t forget, everyone gets in absolutely free!