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(NAPSI)-A little ingenuity and some spray paint can go a long way toward transforming your living space in intriguing ways you may have never thought of. Here are three unexpected suggestions that will get you thinking about spray paint in a whole new light.

 1. Brighten Up Your Light Fixture

If the light fixtures in your home are looking a bit dull, try spray painting the pieces instead of spending time and money on replacements. A simple update to small fixtures in your home, such as doorknobs or light fixtures, can create a brand new look and feel. Here is how to fix up your lights in no time:

• What You’ll Need: Krylon® SUPERMAXX™ Metallic Finish in your choice of color, screwdriver, painter’s tape, damp cloth, newspaper

• What You’ll Do: First, remove the light fixture from the wall or ceiling. Next, take apart the light fixture making sure you have removed the lightbulb and lampshade. Then, use a damp cloth to remove all dirt from the surface and lay the fixture down on the newspaper. Before you begin painting, tape off any areas of the light fixture that should not be painted, including the cord and lightbulb socket. Apply a few coats of Krylon® SUPERMAXX™ Metallic Finish to the base of the light fixture and allow to dry. This spray paint requires no sanding or priming and creates a unique metallic finish. Allow the fixture to dry for 24 hours before reattaching the lampshade and lightbulbs. Finally, hang your new and improved light fixture on the wall or ceiling.

2. Personalize Your Drinking Glasses

Give your guests something fun and personal at your next get-together by creating easy customizable glasses. These fun glasses have a chalkboard base that you can write phrases or names on using chalk. To make these glasses even more unique, use different color paints and a clear chalkboard finish to create one-of-a-kind glassware!

• What You’ll Need: newspaper, cardboard box, painter’s tape, Krylon® ColorMaster™ in a variety of colors, Chalkboard Paint in clear, monitor wipe, chalk.

• What You’ll Do: First, cover an outdoor area with newspaper. If you would rather paint indoors in a well-ventilated area, you can create a “spray booth” by taking a large box and standing it upright so that the excess paint remains inside the box as you are spraying. Be sure that if the box has any holes, they are taped and covered before you begin painting. Once you have your spray stations set up, tape off the stem of the wine glass so that only the base is exposed. Then, use a monitor wipe on the base of the wine glass. This will help remove any particles or dust on the glass surface. Once the surface has been cleaned, apply even coats of ColorMaster™ to the base of the glass. When the paint has dried, cover the base with even coats of clear Chalkboard Paint. This paint creates a surface that can be written on using chalk. Allow the paint to dry and then break out the chalk and get creative! Please be aware that these glasses will not be machine washable but can be wiped clean after use.

3. Customize Your Curtains

Add a pop of color to any room by adding a beautiful, bright pattern to solid-colored curtains. You can create a unique design on fabric curtains using fun colors from Krylon. Try Krylon® COVERMAXX™, a high-performance paint that provides ultimate coverage and durable adhesion. Plus, it comes in over 90 different colors so you’re bound to find the perfect color to make plain curtains new and exciting. For an added design element, use painter’s tape to create a design, such as stripes or chevron, on your curtains. You can create this fun and decorative piece in just a few simple steps:

• What You’ll Need: Krylon® COVERMAXX™ in your color choice, white curtains, painter’s tape, ruler, fabric pen, plastic drop cloth

• What You’ll Do: Using a ruler, create your desired design. Once the design has been marked with a fabric pen, use the painter’s tape to tape off the areas you want to avoid painting. Next, lay the curtains on a plastic drop cloth outside. Spray a thin layer of Krylon® COVERMAXX™ and wait 10 minutes for the paint to dry. Next, spray a second layer of paint to reach your desired hue and let dry. Once the paint has dried, gently remove the painter’s tape from the fabric. Finally, hang up your new curtains for all to admire!

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