Christine Denniston | Forty Under 40 Recipient 2015

Christine Denniston

Christine Denniston

“Ms. Christine Denniston, Director of Marketing and Public Relations for the Telitha E. Lindquist College of Arts & Humanities at Weber State University, has energized students, faculty, and staff to promote the college’s offerings both on-campus and to the larger community.  Keenly aware of new developments in social media and other e-communication, Christie has professionalized the college’s self-presentation, contributing to increased student enrollment and increased attendance at events.” – Madonne Miner


Forty Under 40 Entry Form:


“When I met Christine Denniston the first time I was a student at Weber State University, My initial impression was “Oh No! Will I pass this woman’s class?” As quickly as I panicked, I then realized that Christine Denniston was someone that I saw as passionate, articulate, caring and a true professional. She had a way to ignite a flame in her students to be exited, to want to succeed and to push ourselves outside of our comfort zones to a new level of what is acceptable with regards to our writing. To this day, I personally look at Christine as a mentor, a true professional and a friend. She went far and above her job as a professional. She treats her students with a level of respect that allows them to have the drive and ambition to succeed. Christine is definitely a community member worthy of this honor. She works hard for her community and does what she can to ensure they receive the best of what she has to give regardless of the “hat” shoe is wearing at the time; professor, CASA Advocate, Marketing Director, mentor and friend.

As well as her teaching duties, Christine is the Director of Marketing and PR Telitha E. Lindquist College of Arts & Humanities at Weber State University, she is the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) of Utah State Accreditation Chair where she oversees shepherding candidates for accreditation in public relations through the PRSA process.

She is a Town and Gown Marketing Committee where she is a member for the marketing committee for Weber State University’s Town and Gown initiative. She also is a Court Appointed Special Advocates where she serves and mentors young children through court proceedings. Each agency receiving 100% of what she has to offer to them. Anyone who has the opportunity to work with Christine would be lucky. Her wealth of knowledge, her drive for success for herself and for the others she works with, (children, students and peers) and her overall love and passion for the community she lives in is what I nominated her for the Forty under 40 Award.” – Kirsten Stuart

“Professor Christie Denniston provides a level of preparation and professionalism that few others can to the students at Weber State University. Denniston serves as the Director of Marketing and Public Relations for the Telitha E. Lindquist College of Arts & Humanities , in addition to teaching courses in public relations campaigns and writing. She also serves as the Public Relations Account Director for Blake Communications, a public relations firm. I have taken two courses from Denniston, public relations writing and campaigns. During my first course with Denniston I found her assignments and coursework to be very challenging. As the semester went on I was able to see how each method she taught would build upon one another. Denniston is very precise when it comes to her grading style. She requires AP style on all assignments, as is required in the field of public relations. Denniston will mark down points for any and all AP style mistakes. Initially, I thought this was just to be harsh but when I found my writing had improved by leaps and bounds at the end of the semester, I realized why she put so much focus on AP style. In just one class with Denniston I was able to challenge my self to reach beyond limits that I did not know I had. She challenged me to push myself each time I attended class with individual feedback sessions. The following semester I had my choice of two professors to take one class from. I specifically sought out Denniston to take public relations writing from because of how much I gained from the previous class she taught.

Professor Denniston truly does care about the level of input that she and her students put into their work. She simulates real life situations in her classes that better prepare students for the career field upon graduation. She expects her students to go above and beyond their own limits to succeed, and she leads by example. Denniston offers very flexible office hours to meet with students to discuss course work and review writing assignments. She will even meet with students during the evening and weekends. I have personally met with her off the Weber State campus simply because it’s what was more convenient for my availability, not hers. I can say with out a doubt that Professor Christie Denniston is an innovator in the field of public relations and I would not be the professional person I am today without her.”  – Shaun Wilson

“Christine is one of the most dedicated women I have ever met. She was a professor of mine at Weber State University and taught me the skills I needed to be a contender in the workforce. Her ability to teach is unmatched! She was firm but made me a better person in the process. Christine makes Northern Utah brighter because she cares. Hailing from Colorado, she came to Utah to support her husband’s career change, and boy did we luck out. Her impact at Weber State University (WSU), and the Ogden Community, has been inspirational. She is the director of marketing and public relations for the Telitha E. Lindquist College of Arts and Humanities at WSU where she works to promote the school throughout the community. If you’ve seen a play, art exhibit or dance performance at WSU, it is her work behind the scenes making much of this possible. In her free time, she volunteers for Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) to look out for the best interests of abused and neglected children in courtrooms and communities.

Overall, there is no other woman I would nominate for this award. She is a true mentor and inspiration to me. Christine deserves this award because she is dedicated to the people of Northern Utah and loves doing what she does.” – Eric Saylor

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