Nathan Manwaring | Forty Under 40 Recipient 2015

Nathan Manwaring

Nathan Manwaring

Nathan Manwaring lives in Mountain Green with his wife Kendra and 3 boys ages 2, 4, and 6. He works as a Senior Analyst at Equation Consulting in Layton, UT. He started bike racing in 2015 as a member of the Total.CARE cycling team, winning 2 races and 7 other top 3 finishes.

“Nathan is our fourth son and has always been academically brilliant. He was young for his grade in school, yet skipped 2nd grade because he was bored in school. He was tested and came in on a high 5th-6th grade level. Nathan continued to excel in school and earned a scholarship to college. During his junior year he put that scholarship on hold to serve a 2 year mission. He learned to speak Mandarin Chinese and came back to graduate in Math with honors at age 22!

Nathan is also extremely gifted in music. He started playing the violin at age 4, piano at age 8 and saxophone at 10 and exceeded in all percussion instruments beginning at age 13. Nathan won the highest awards in the state with the Timpani and Marimba. Besides that, Nathan is one of the most accomplished pianists you’ll ever find!

So why am I nominating him for Sports? Because when he was young he never worked out physically and only did the required PE. He was quite chubby until his senior year of high school. When he left for college, he decided he didn’t want to be heavy so he cut back his food intake; but still didn’t work out. When he was about 25, it was discovered that he was born with a hip defect; but Nathan didn’t let that stop him from becoming healthy. He decided to compete in a marathon and finished strong. He started training and competed in several triathlons earning ribbons and medals. With his hip and knees taking a beating with running, he decided to really start training to race with his bike. He has worked extremely hard. With just over a year of training, he has entered many races and always came in 2nd or 3rd place, beating many seasoned riders. Nathan just competed in the prestigious Tour de’ Park City race which is 157 miles up and down mountains and won First Place! Just a couple of weeks ago, he competed in the highly publicized LoToJa race which starts in Logan Utah and ends in Jackson Wyoming.  This brutal race has 3 mountain passes of 10,000 feet with 3,000 of those feet vertical climbing. Nathan came in 3rd place for his category! There are over 1500 bikers that compete. Nathan will continue to race and compete. After getting back from such a difficult race, Nathan was asked to ride with one of his teams for the ‘Salt to Saint’ race, which starts in Salt Lake City and ends in St. George. Even though he was tired, he knew they needed him, he rode again. Their team won the relay race by more than an hour!

Most athletes start young and only focus on their sport of choice instead of developing more talents. I have also seen many athletes that are not humble or selfless. Nathan is so humble and always looks out for others; helping people get started and mentoring them. Nathan is generous with all of his talents; always willing to mentor and ride alongside a new beginner, accompany with the piano, or tutor children and adults in math – all for free!

Nathan is a devoted hands-on-dad to three little boys, a dedicated husband and works full time at Equation. It is not often that you find an amazing athlete that not only started later in life, but is truly gifted in all areas. Nathan is just getting started but is already a very outstanding and promising athlete and a truly incredible person!” – Kathy Manwaring

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