Raptors 2018 Pre-Season Ticket Receipt Confirmation

Raptors 2018 Pre-Season Ticket Receipt Confirmation

Thank you for purchasing
2018 Pre-sale Raptors Tickets from the Standard-Examiner!

Here’s your voucher.

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  1. Click on image above to Download and Print this your Pre-Sales Ticket Voucher.
  2. Fill in the blank with your transaction No. Sent by Authorize.Net or bring a copy of your Authorize.Net receipt with you.
  3. Vouchers can be redeemed for any game starting June 1st. Visit the ticket office at Lindquist Field, 2330 Lincoln Ave. in Ogden
  4. Redeem your Pre-Sales Ticket Voucher for tickets to any 2018 Ogden Raptors “Home Game.”
  5. Enjoy the Game and Remember, Standard-Examiner is on your team everyday to inform you of all the latest and greatest News, Sports & Events, Entertainment and more!

Please call Standard-Examiner with any questions that you have.
(801) 625-4200